Hatsune Miku

Ok I'm working in this model (The picture of the model is the form a user of a forum called silentbrain) this model is created in pepakura and you can downloaded here.

I'm making this model in a bigger scale is going to be 50 cm tall and i hope i can finish the model today

Ok estoy trabajando en este modelo(La foto del modelo es de un usuario de un foro llamado Silentbrain) este modelo esta creado en pepakura y se puede descargar aquí

Estoy haciendo este modelo en una escala mayor y espero terminar hoy . era de aproximadamente 50 cm


epino.derma ha dicho que…
I'm Epino Derma from Italy.
I'm paper model fan. I made 3 Yamaha papercrft in the past years.
You can see them in my blog http://epinoderma.spaces.live.com

Your papers are very beautiful!

I will link your site in my blog!
Under a new Papercraft List.

Good work!
Guillermo ha dicho que…
hi Epino is good to know that you like the blog and also is good to know that we have paper craft fans in italy :)

i saw your blog and i like what you did with the spiderman

epino.derma ha dicho que…
Hy Guillermo,
the spiderman is not mine, all the papercraft shown in the Capaso Post
are made by Capaso:
KsO link: http://capasoblog.blogspot.com/search/label/Hobby
I made only the three Yamaha posted the 'December 14'

Thanks for your reply!
Please, could you post a comment on my blog Guest book (the first one
from the top?)
If you haven't a msn account isn't a problem. It's very fast to create

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