Black Pearl

I consider myself a Pirates Of The Caribbeans Fan, but when you see this kind of things I can just say ,WOW, thats to munch for me as a fan, of course Ive seen more difficult models but this one is impressing, and I consider that this model is completely buildable, not like others difficult models that are impossible to build.Link

Me considero un fan de Piratas Del Caribe, pero cuando uno ve este tipo de cosas solo puedo decir WOW, eso es mucho para mi como fan, desde luego he visto modelos mas difíciles pero este es impresionante, ademas considero que es completamente armable a diferencia de otros modelos extremadamente dificiles.Enlace


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UHU02 has been only giving out his web site by invited. He shut down his other web site because of other people miss using his models without permission or profit.

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